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Grape Vineyard Drip Irrigation Experts

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers is the best company for Grape Vineyard Drip Irrigation Systems in Bakersfield, Delano, Kern County, Tulare County, and the entire San Joaquin Valley of California. Jeff Tkac and his team will design, engineer, and build a drip irrigation system that will save precious water and put more money in the farmers pocket. Table grapes are one of leading export commodities from California, and some of the growers and exporters are : Giumarra Vineyards, Jakov Dulcich and Sons, V.B.Z. Vineyards, Hronis and Sons, M. Caratan, Jasmine Vineyards, Delano Farms, Anthony Vineyards, Tudor Vineyards, Sunview Vineyards.

Many companies are utilizing the expertise of Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers of Bakersfield, California. Table grape growers since 1950 have been using Water-Ways for their water solutions, whether it be aluminum or corrugated pipe, PVC, or the latest technology in drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigation because it delivers low pressure water precisely at the root zone. Drip irrigation is proven to nearly double yields and significantly reduce costs. Most farmers know this, but see the initial investment as just too much of barrier to adopt a new, highly efficient Drip system.

Water-Ways are the experts in design and installation of drip irrigation systems that improve yields and reduce costs. Water-Ways Irrigation can be reached at: 661-589-8800, Jeff Tkac is the owner/operator, and Jeff has a great team of inside and outside salespeople to help you design a drip system for your vineyard or farm.

View this video on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/v7aZI0HG3hY

Maneras Agua empresa de riego de Bakersfield es la empresa número uno para llamar tubería y las necesidades de agua de riego. Para su granja, rancho, o tal vez su pasto para su caballo, cursos de agua es la empresa con todas las soluciones de agua para ahorrar tiempo y dinero.

Número de teléfono es: 661-589-8800, pregunte por Jeff Tkac. Él es el dueño y operador de la empresa.

La empresa de riego de Bakersfield



Water ways irrigation company of Bakersfield is the number one company to call for your pipe and water irrigation needs. For your farm, ranch, or maybe your pasture for your horse, water ways is the company with all the water solutions to save you time and money. Telephone number is: 661-589-8800 , ask for Jeff Tkac. He is the owner and operator of the company.

Irrigation Pipe

Water-Ways Irrigation is a leading supplier of irrigation pipe and systems for farmers and ranchers.

irrigation pipe

Irrigation Pipe is shipped daily to farmers and ranchers throughout Kern County, the San Joaquin Valley, California, and Nationwide. Our staff, Jeff Tkac, his team of irrigation professionals, and his manufacturing team work hard to take care of customers irrigation pipe needs. We are the experts in design, installation, and repair of irrigation systems for any crop, any farm.

We are dedicated to providing high quality new or used  pipe at unbeatable prices.  We carry any type of new or used irrigation pipe, fittings, booster pumps,  J-Stands,  that you may need. We manufacture custom fittings and products onsite and guarantee quick turnaround and fast delivery on all of our products.


Call (661) 589-8800 for an irrigation pipe specialist.

squirrel bait station

Beware of the CA Ground Squirrel.

Ground squirrels are a very serious problem in California Agriculture.

Ground squirrels can wreak havoc on Fruit and nut trees; for example, almond, apple, apricot, orange, peach, pistachio, prune, and walnut, are especially vulnerable to damage caused by ground squirrels. Ground Squirrels, burrow around roots, eat seeds and shrubs, and spread disease. They can also destroy irrigation lines and plastic sprinkler heads by chewing on them.

Damage Prevention for ground squirrels

There’s no question that the ground squirrel population needs to be controlled to prevent major damage to crops and irrigation equipment. The method you choose depends on the season and life-cycle of the squirrel. In the upcoming Summer and Fall seasons the bet method for controlling ground squirrel population is by baiting. Ground squirrels are most likely to eat the treated grain at this time, unlike other seasons when they primarily eat green forage.

Now is the time to buy a Squirrel Bait Stations to prepare for late spring and summer baiting. Water-Ways stocks the cheapest priced Squirrel Bait Stations. Watch this video to see how they work.

It’s important to remember Ground squirrels can re-invade empty burrows. Old burrows must be destroyed and ripped through by at least 20″ deep.

Video from  UCCESanDiego

  • Made from PVC pipe- Base 4″ x 36″ long- Riser 3″ x 24″ long 2 piece construction for easy shipping and storage. Includes 3″ cap.
  • Recommended design to be used with toxicants. Check with your local Agriculture Commissioner Officer for recommended application and toxicants.
  • List Price 26.00. Call for Quantity discount


Turn new, used, and unused pipe into cash!

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers provides free irrigation pipe appraisal for any pipe you may have sitting around.  Water-Ways helps customers turn old or  unused pipe into cash. We:

  • Provide appraisals
  • Pay top dollar for new or used irrigation pipe
  • Trade pipe for a new irrigation system or products
  • Sell your pipe for you

 About Water-Ways:

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers, Inc. is a Full Service Irrigation Systems Design and Engineering Company. Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive agricultural and industrial irrigation solutions.  At Water-Ways every product and solution offered is specifically designed to provide maximum value for you. That’s because they have spent the last 60 years shaping their business to deliver the most complete and competitively priced irrigation systems, equipment, and accessories available to save you time and money.

Get a Free Valuation of Irrigation Pipe by Water-Ways.

Find out what your used pipe is worth.  We are the experts in irrigation pipe appraisal.


Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers, Inc. is a Full Service Irrigation Systems Design and Engineering Company located in Bakersfield, California. Dedicated to providing comprehensive agricultural and industrial irrigation solutions. Call Jeff Tkac at (661) 589-8800 for a Free valuation or appraisal of your used Aluminum Irrigation pipe. Water-Ways will pay your cash for your pipe that is just sitting on your farm and ranch that can be turned into money and savings for your business.

At Water-Ways every product and solution they offer is specifically designed to provide maximum value for you. That’s because they have spent the last 60 years shaping their business to deliver the most complete and competitively priced irrigation systems, equipment, and accessories available to save you time and money.

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers of Bakersfield, California, serving Kern County, The Southern San Joaquin Valley and shipping products all over the United States.

Even though veteran of WWII and Water-Ways founder, Victor Tkac, did not invent “Vic-taulic” pipe, he knew there was a reason in the back of his mind to carry on with the Victaulic tradition. To this day Water-Ways, sells, rents and manufactures Victualic pipe and fittings. “Vic-tory” comes in all forms.
“Fuel to the Troops Documentary Trailer”- John Sullivan – 698th Engineer Petroleum Distribution Co gives a small glimpse of how Victaulic pipe helped our soldiers in WWII get fuel

When it comes to used aluminum pipe Water-Ways has you covered.

  • We offer sales and rentals of used aluminum pipe, sprinklers, and fittings.
  • We repair or replace leaky or damaged pipe.
  • We buy your used aluminum pipe, sprinklers, and fittings.
  • We pay cash value on used aluminum pipe.
  • We offer appraisals on your used aluminum pipe.

If you are interested in buying, selling, or renting used aluminum pipe give us a call.
If you would like more info on getting an appraisal talk to a member of our sales team.

Call 1 (800) 828-6764 or click Get a Quote.


Industrial – Water Transfer for Fracking/Drilling

fracking 5

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method of extracting natural gas and/or oil by drilling a hole as deep as a mile, then using explosives to fracture rock so that water and other chemicals can be pumped into the shale so that the gas is released. Fracking has proven to be an effective method of removing natural gas from areas that would’ve been impossible to extract it from only a few decades ago. Of course, in order for this type of drilling to be successful, millions of gallons of water are required. In areas where water is not readily available, industries require water to be piped in from long distances.


Piping water for fracking is one of the key elements to successfully extracting natural gas and can often be a difficult process in and of itself. Because of this, drilling companies rely on the industrial professionals at Water-Ways to provide them with the water that they need, no matter where they happen to be working. It is simply not enough to truck in water. The water must be readily available in enormous quantities in order for hydraulic fracturing to be successful and efficient.

Fracking3fracking 4